Class Delgroupmember

  • public class Delgroupmember
    extends Object
    The class is used by FortressAntTask to load Groups. It is not intended to be callable by programs outside of the Ant load utility. The class name itself maps to the xml tag used by load utility.

    This class name, 'Delgroup', is used for the xml tag in the load script.

     <target name="all">
    Apache Directory Project
    • Constructor Detail

      • Delgroupmember

        public Delgroupmember()
        All Ant data entities must have a default constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • addGroup

        public void addGroup​(Group group)
        This method name, 'addGroup', is used for derived xml tag 'group' in the load script.
              <group name="test001" members="guser1,guser2,guser3" />
        group - contains reference to data element targeted for removal.