Class JAXBCachedEntry

  • public class JAXBCachedEntry
    extends Object
    This class wraps JAXBContext and is used for simple caching mechanism during Fortress XML processing. The intent is to leave future extension point in case schema validation is needed which prevents handling in cache itself.
    Apache Directory Project
    • Constructor Detail

      • JAXBCachedEntry

        public JAXBCachedEntry​(Class type)
                        throws JAXBException
        Public constructor requires the entity class to be passed.
        type - contains reference to object of type class.
        JAXBException - thrown in the event new instance cannot be created.
    • Method Detail

      • getCachedClass

        public Class getCachedClass()
        Return the class that is associated with this cached JAXBContext.
        class associated with JAXContext
      • getContext

        public JAXBContext getContext()
        Return the JAXBContext object associated with this wrapper class.
        handle to JAXBContext object.