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  • Ten Minute Guide

  • Build Apache Fortress Rest

    Fortress Rest Javadoc

    This section describes how to install and use the Fortress Rest Application. It provides a RESTful wrapper around the Fortress Core apis.

    1. Set java and maven home env variables.

    2. Change directory:

      cd directory-fortress-enmasse/

    3. Copy the, created on step Build Apache Fortress Core, to this package's resource folder.

      cp [directory-fortress-core]/config/ [directory-fortress-enmasse]/src/main/resources

      Where [directory-fortress-core] is base folder of the fortress core source package and [directory-fortress-enmasse] is the current package's home folder.

    4. To load policies for testing into ldap, run this command:

      mvn install -Dload.file=./src/main/resources/FortressRestServerPolicy.xml

    5. To deploy fortress rest, run this command:

      mvn tomcat:deploy

    6. To redeploy:

      mvn tomcat:redeploy

    7. Run the tests:

      mvn test -Dtest=EmTest

      Checkout the README.txt in [directory-fortress-enmasse] package for other ways to test fortress-rest component.

    8. Generate the javadoc

      mvn javadoc:javadoc

      Point your web browser to the following location: file:///[directory-fortress-enmasse]/target/site/apidocs.

      javadoc note: If using JDK 8, you must turn off doclint to get past errors. Add the following to project's pom:

      <plugin> <artifactId>maven-javadoc-plugin</artifactId> <configuration> <additionalparam>-Xdoclint:none</additionalparam> </configuration> </plugin>

    Copyright 2003-2018, The Apache Software Foundation. All Rights Reserved.