The data entities in this package comprise the fortress data model. These classes are intended to be accessible publicly using the getter and setters methods on them. All entities (User, Role, Permission, PwPolicy SDSet etc...) are used to carry data between three Fortress layers: (1) Manager layer - e.g. AdminMgrImpl, AccessMgrImpl, ReviewMgrImpl (2) Process layer - e.g. UserP, RoleP, PermP (3) DAO layer - e.g. UserDAO, RoleDAO, PermDAO

This entities in this package...

  1. adhere to standards like RBAC
  2. adhere to ARBAC02 model to provide delegated administration capabilities.
  3. adhere to OpenLDAP's slapd access log to obtain fortress audit trail and historical events.
  4. represent fortress configuration parameter data to be stored on the ldap server.
  5. can be used for LDAP groups.
  6. use JGraphT to provide hierarchical functionality that is reused within several other packages in the fortress system.