Class PwPolicyMgrRestImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Manageable, PwPolicyMgr

    public class PwPolicyMgrRestImpl
    extends Manageable
    implements PwPolicyMgr
    This class is used to perform administrative and review functions on the PWPOLICIES and USERS data sets using HTTP access to Fortress Rest server.

    Password Policies

    OpenLDAP supports the IETF draft Password Policies for LDAP directories
  • . Policies may be applied at the user, group or global level.

    Password enforcement options include:

    1. A configurable limit on failed authentication attempts.
    2. A counter to track the number of failed authentication attempts.
    3. A time frame in which the limit of consecutive failed authentication attempts must happen before action is taken.
    4. The action to be taken when the limit is reached. The action will either be nothing, or the account will be locked.
    5. An amount of time the account is locked (if it is to be locked) This can be indefinite.
    6. Password expiration.
    7. Expiration warning
    8. Grace authentications
    9. Password history
    10. Password minimum age
    11. Password minimum length
    12. Password Change after Reset
    13. Safe Modification of Password

    This class is NOT thread safe.

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