Class DefaultPatchHandler

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@ApplicationScoped public class DefaultPatchHandler extends Object implements PatchHandler
The default implementation of a PatchHandler that applies PatchOperations by walking a map equivalent of ScimResource.
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    • DefaultPatchHandler

      @Inject public DefaultPatchHandler(SchemaRegistry schemaRegistry)
    • DefaultPatchHandler

      protected DefaultPatchHandler()
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    • apply

      public <T extends ScimResource> T apply(T original, List<PatchOperation> patchOperations)
      Description copied from interface: PatchHandler
      Applies patch operations to a ScimResource.
      Specified by:
      apply in interface PatchHandler
      Type Parameters:
      T - The type of ScimResource.
      original - The source ScimResource to apply patches to.
      patchOperations - The list of patch operations to apply.
      An updated ScimResource with all patches applied
    • valuePathExpression

      public static ValuePathExpression valuePathExpression(PatchOperation operation)
    • attributeReference

      public static AttributeReference attributeReference(ValuePathExpression expression)