public class Mapper extends Object
The Mapper provides methods to bi-directionally transform SCIM attribute values into Java types. The eight types supported by SCIM are defined in section 2.2 of the SCIM schema specification. The mapping to Java objects are as follows:
   String    -> string    -> String
   Boolean   -> boolean   -> Boolean
   Decimal   -> decimal   -> Double
   Integer -  > integer   -> Long
   DateTime  -> dateTime  -> Date
   Binary    -> binary    -> Byte[]
   Reference -> reference -> URN?
   Complex   -> complex   -> (Java Object as defined)
Steve Moyer
  • Constructor Details

    • Mapper

      public Mapper()
  • Method Details

    • convertDateTime

      public String convertDateTime(Instant instant)
    • convertDateTime

      public Instant convertDateTime(String isodate)
      Converts an ISO 8601 DateTime string into the equivalent Java Date object.
      isodate - the ISO 8601 DateTime to be converted.
      the equivalent Java Instant object.