package typeutils

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Type Members

  1. class CaseClassComparator[T <: Product] extends TupleComparatorBase[T]

    Comparator for Case Classes.

  2. abstract class CaseClassSerializer[T <: Product] extends TupleSerializerBase[T] with Cloneable

    Serializer for Case Classes.

  3. abstract class CaseClassTypeInfo[T <: Product] extends TupleTypeInfoBase[T]

    TypeInformation for Case Classes.

  4. class EitherSerializer[A, B, T <: Either[A, B]] extends TypeSerializer[T]

    Serializer for Either.

  5. class EitherTypeInfo[A, B, T <: Either[A, B]] extends TypeInformation[T]

    TypeInformation Either.

  6. class EnumValueComparator[E <: Enumeration] extends TypeComparator[typeutils.EnumValueComparator.E.Value]

    Comparator for Enumeration values.

  7. class EnumValueSerializer[E <: Enumeration] extends TypeSerializer[typeutils.EnumValueSerializer.E.Value]

    Serializer for Enumeration values.

  8. class EnumValueTypeInfo[E <: Enumeration] extends TypeInformation[typeutils.EnumValueTypeInfo.E.Value] with AtomicType[typeutils.EnumValueTypeInfo.E.Value]

    TypeInformation for Enumeration values.

  9. class NothingSerializer extends TypeSerializer[Any]

    Serializer for cases where no serializer is required but the system still expects one.

  10. class OptionSerializer[A] extends TypeSerializer[Option[A]]

    Serializer for Option.

  11. class OptionTypeComparator[A] extends TypeComparator[Option[A]]

    Comparator for Option values.

  12. class OptionTypeInfo[A, T <: Option[A]] extends TypeInformation[T] with AtomicType[T]

    TypeInformation for Option.

  13. class ScalaNothingTypeInfo extends TypeInformation[Nothing]

  14. abstract class TraversableSerializer[T <: TraversableOnce[E], E] extends TypeSerializer[T] with Cloneable

    Serializer for Scala Collections.

  15. abstract class TraversableTypeInfo[T <: TraversableOnce[E], E] extends TypeInformation[T]

    TypeInformation for Scala Collections.

  16. class TrySerializer[A] extends TypeSerializer[Try[A]]

    Serializer for scala.util.Try.

  17. class TryTypeInfo[A, T <: Try[A]] extends TypeInformation[T]

    TypeInformation for scala.util.Try.

  18. class UnitSerializer extends TypeSerializerSingleton[Unit]

  19. class UnitTypeInfo extends TypeInformation[Unit]


Value Members

  1. object OptionTypeComparator extends Serializable