This documentation is for an out-of-date version of Apache Flink. We recommend you use the latest stable version.

Release Notes - Flink 1.6

These release notes discuss important aspects, such as configuration, behavior, or dependencies, that changed between Flink 1.5 and Flink 1.6. Please read these notes carefully if you are planning to upgrade your Flink version to 1.6.

Changed Configuration Default Values

The default value of the slot idle timeout slot.idle.timeout is set to the default value of the heartbeat timeout (50 s).

Changed ElasticSearch 5.x Sink API

Previous APIs in the Flink ElasticSearch 5.x Sink’s RequestIndexer interface have been deprecated in favor of new signatures. When adding requests to the RequestIndexer, the requests now must be of type IndexRequest, DeleteRequest, or UpdateRequest, instead of the base ActionRequest.

Limitations of failover strategies

Flink’s non-default failover strategies are still a very experimental feature which come with a set of limitations. You should only use this feature if you are executing a stateless streaming job. In any other cases, it is highly recommended to remove the config option jobmanager.execution.failover-strategy from your flink-conf.yaml or set it to "full".

In order to avoid future problems, this feature has been removed from the documentation until it will be fixed. See FLINK-10880 for more details.

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