This documentation is for an out-of-date version of Apache Flink. We recommend you use the latest stable version.

Apache Flink Documentation

This documentation is for Apache Flink version 1.4. These pages were built at: 02/02/22, 11:17:30 AM UTC.

Apache Flink is an open source platform for distributed stream and batch data processing. Flink’s core is a streaming dataflow engine that provides data distribution, communication, and fault tolerance for distributed computations over data streams. Flink builds batch processing on top of the streaming engine, overlaying native iteration support, managed memory, and program optimization.

First Steps


Before putting your Flink job into production, read the Production Readiness Checklist.

Migration Guide

For users of earlier versions of Apache Flink, we recommend the API migration guide. While all parts of the API that were marked as public and stable are still supported (the public API is backwards compatible), we suggest migrating applications to the newer interfaces where applicable.

For users that plan to upgrade a Flink system in production, we recommend reading the guide on upgrading Apache Flink.

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