This documentation is for an out-of-date version of Apache Flink Stateful Functions. We recommend you use the latest stable version.

Stateful Functions Documentation

Stateful Functions is an API that simplifies the building of distributed stateful applications with a runtime built for serverless architectures. It brings together the benefits of stateful stream processing - the processing of large datasets with low latency and bounded resource constraints - along with a runtime for modeling stateful entities that supports location transparency, concurrency, scaling, and resiliency.

It is designed to work with modern architectures, like cloud-native deployments and popular event-driven FaaS platforms like AWS Lambda and KNative, and to provide out-of-the-box consistent state and messaging while preserving the serverless experience and elasticity of these platforms.

Stateful Functions is developed under the umbrella of Apache Flink.

Learn By Doing

If you prefer to learn by doing, start with our code walkthrough. It provides a step by step introduction to the API and guides you through real applications.

Learn Concepts Step By Step

If you prefer to learn concepts step by step, start with our guide to main concepts. It will walk you through all the API’s and concepts to build advanced stateful systems.

Start A New Project

The project setup instructions show you how to create a project for a new Stateful Functions application in just a few steps.