Apache Flink Table Store
This documentation is for an unreleased version of Apache Flink Table Store. We recommend you use the latest stable version.

Apache Flink Table Store #

Flink Table Store is a unified storage to build dynamic tables for both streaming and batch processing in Flink, supporting high-speed data ingestion and timely data query. Table Store offers the following core capabilities:

  • Support storage of large datasets and allow read/write in both batch and streaming mode.
  • Support streaming queries with minimum latency down to milliseconds.
  • Support Batch/OLAP queries with minimum latency down to the second level.
  • Support incremental snapshots for stream consumption by default. So users do not need to combine different pipelines by themself.

Try Table Store

If you’re interested in playing around with Flink Table Store, check out our quick start guide with Flink, Spark or Hive. It provides a step by step introduction to the APIs and guides you through real applications.

Get Help with Table Store

If you get stuck, check out our community support resources. In particular, Apache Flink’s user mailing list is consistently ranked as one of the most active of any Apache project, and is a great way to get help quickly.

Flink Table Store is developed under the umbrella of Apache Flink.