Class AgreementServices


public class AgreementServices extends Object
Services for Agreement (Accounting)
  • Constructor Details

    • AgreementServices

      public AgreementServices()
  • Method Details

    • getCommissionForProduct

      public static Map<String,Object> getCommissionForProduct(DispatchContext ctx, Map<String,Object> context)
      Determines commission receiving parties and amounts for the provided product, price, and quantity
      ctx - The DispatchContext that this service is operating in.
      context - Map containing the input parameters. productId String Product Id invoiceItemTypeId String Invoice Type amount BigDecimal Entire amount quantity BigDecimal Quantity
      Map with the result of the service, the output parameters. commissions List List of Maps each containing partyIdFrom String commission paying party partyIdTo String commission receiving party commission BigDecimal Commission days Long term days currencyUomId String Currency productId String Product Id