Class BirtServices


public class BirtServices extends Object
Birt Services
  • Constructor Details

    • BirtServices

      public BirtServices()
  • Method Details

    • createFlexibleReport

      public static Map<String,Object> createFlexibleReport(DispatchContext dctx, Map<String,Object> context)
      Instantiate a new Flexible report, using the data given in parameters and ReportDesignGenerator class.
    • prepareFlexibleReportOptionFieldsFromEntity

      @Deprecated public static Map<String,Object> prepareFlexibleReportOptionFieldsFromEntity(DispatchContext dctx, Map<String,Object> context)
    • callPerformFindFromBirt

      public static Map<String,Object> callPerformFindFromBirt(DispatchContext dctx, Map<String,Object> context)
      Perform find data on given view/entity and return these into Birt compatible format. This service is meant to be used as default for View/entity report design
    • createFlexibleReportFromMaster

      public static Map<String,Object> createFlexibleReportFromMaster(DispatchContext dctx, Map<String,Object> context)
      Analyse given master and create report design from its data Two cases are implemented :
      • Entity : data retieval is based on a simple view/entity
      • Service : data retrieval is based on service
    • overrideReportForm

      public static Map<String,Object> overrideReportForm(DispatchContext dctx, Map<String,Object> context)
      Update search form of a report design
    • createFlexibleReportFromMasterEntityWorkflow

      public static Map<String,Object> createFlexibleReportFromMasterEntityWorkflow(DispatchContext dctx, Map<String,Object> context)
      Create report design from View/Entity master report
    • createFlexibleReportFromMasterServiceWorkflow

      public static Map<String,Object> createFlexibleReportFromMasterServiceWorkflow(DispatchContext dctx, Map<String,Object> context)
      Create report design from service master report
    • prepareFlexibleReportFieldsFromEntity

      public static Map<String,Object> prepareFlexibleReportFieldsFromEntity(DispatchContext dctx, Map<String,Object> context)
      Define which data fields and its label, filter fields and label that will be supported by the View/Entity report design
    • createFormForDisplay

      public static Map<String,Object> createFormForDisplay(DispatchContext dctx, Map<String,Object> context)
      Prepare and return search form of a report design
    • deleteAllReports

      public static Map<String,Object> deleteAllReports(DispatchContext dctx, Map<String,Object> context)
      delete all non-master report design, not used OOTB but accessible as service
    • deleteFlexibleReport

      public static Map<String,Object> deleteFlexibleReport(DispatchContext dctx, Map<String,Object> context)
      Delete a flexible report design
    • uploadRptDesign

      public static Map<String,Object> uploadRptDesign(DispatchContext dctx, Map<String,Object> context)
      Update birt rptdesign file from uploaded one.

      This will update only STYLES, BODY, MASTERPAGE AND CUBES from existing rptdesign with uploaded ones.