Class CommonWorkers


public final class CommonWorkers extends Object
Common Workers
  • Method Details

    • getCountryList

      public static List<GenericValue> getCountryList(Delegator delegator)
    • getStateList

      public static List<GenericValue> getStateList(Delegator delegator)
    • getAssociatedStateList

      public static List<GenericValue> getAssociatedStateList(Delegator delegator, String country)
    • getAssociatedStateList

      public static List<GenericValue> getAssociatedStateList(Delegator delegator, String country, String listOrderBy)
      Returns a list of regional geo associations.
    • hasParentType

      @Deprecated public static boolean hasParentType(Delegator delegator, String entityName, String primaryKey, String childType, String parentTypeField, String parentType)
      A generic method to be used on Type enities, e.g. ProductType. Recurse to the root level in the type hierarchy and checks if the specified type childType has parentType as its parent somewhere in the hierarchy.
      delegator - The Delegator object.
      entityName - Name of the Type entity on which check is performed.
      primaryKey - Primary Key field of the Type entity.
      childType - Type value for which the check is performed.
      parentTypeField - Field in Type entity which stores the parent type.
      parentType - Value of the parent type against which check is performed.
      boolean value based on the check results.