Class EntitySyncContext.SyncAbortException

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public static class EntitySyncContext.SyncAbortException extends GeneralServiceException
This class signifies an abort condition, so the state and such of the EntitySync value in the datasource should not be changed
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  • Constructor Details

    • SyncAbortException

      public SyncAbortException()
    • SyncAbortException

      public SyncAbortException(String str)
    • SyncAbortException

      public SyncAbortException(String str, Throwable nested)
    • SyncAbortException

      public SyncAbortException(Throwable nested)
    • SyncAbortException

      public SyncAbortException(String str, List<Object> errorMsgList, Map<String,Object> errorMsgMap, Map<String,Object> nestedServiceResult, Throwable nested)