Class ProposedOrder


public class ProposedOrder extends Object
Proposed Order Object generated by the MRP process or other re-Order process
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  • Method Details

    • getQuantity

      public BigDecimal getQuantity()
      get the quantity property.
      the quantity property
    • getRequirementStartDate

      public Timestamp getRequirementStartDate()
      get the requirementStartDate property.
      the quantity property
    • calculateStartDate

      public Map<String,Object> calculateStartDate(int daysToShip, GenericValue routing, Delegator delegator, LocalDispatcher dispatcher, GenericValue userLogin)
      calculate the ProposedOrder requirementStartDate and update the requirementStartDate property.
      • For the build product,
        • read the routing associated to the product,
        • read the routingTask associated to the routing
        • step by step calculate from the endDate the startDate
      • For the bought product, the first ProductFacility.daysToShip is used to calculated the startDate
      • if ProposedOrder.isBuild a Map with all the routingTaskId as keys and estimatedStartDate as value.
      • else null.
    • calculateQuantityToSupply

      public void calculateQuantityToSupply(BigDecimal reorderQuantity, BigDecimal minimumStock, ListIterator<GenericValue> listIterIEP)
      calculate the ProposedOrder quantity and update the quantity property. Read the first ProductFacility.reorderQuantity and calculate the quantity : if (quantity < reorderQuantity) quantity = reorderQuantity;
    • create

      public String create(DispatchContext ctx, GenericValue userLogin)
      create a ProposedOrder in the Requirement Entity calling the createRequirement service.
      ctx - The DispatchContext used to call service to create the Requirement Entity record.
      String the requirementId
    • setMrpName

      public void setMrpName(String mrpName)
      Sets mrp name.
      mrpName - the mrp name