Class UtilXml.LocalResolver

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    public static class UtilXml.LocalResolver
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements org.xml.sax.EntityResolver
    Local entity resolver to handle J2EE DTDs. With this a http connection to sun is not needed during deployment. Function boolean hadDTD() is here to avoid validation errors in descriptors that do not have a DOCTYPE declaration.
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      LocalResolver​(org.xml.sax.EntityResolver defaultResolver)  
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      boolean hasDTD()
      Returns the boolean value to inform id DTD was found in the XML file or not
      org.xml.sax.InputSource resolveEntity​(java.lang.String publicId, java.lang.String systemId)
      Returns DTD inputSource.
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      • LocalResolver

        public LocalResolver​(org.xml.sax.EntityResolver defaultResolver)
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      • resolveEntity

        public org.xml.sax.InputSource resolveEntity​(java.lang.String publicId,
                                                     java.lang.String systemId)
                                              throws org.xml.sax.SAXException,
        Returns DTD inputSource. If DTD was found in the dtds Map and inputSource was created flag hasDTD is set to true.
        Specified by:
        resolveEntity in interface org.xml.sax.EntityResolver
        publicId - - Public ID of DTD
        systemId - - System ID of DTD
        InputSource of DTD
      • hasDTD

        public boolean hasDTD()
        Returns the boolean value to inform id DTD was found in the XML file or not
        boolean - true if DTD was found in XML