Class EntityClause

  • public class EntityClause
    extends Object
    Generic Entity Clause - Used to string together entities to make a find clause
    • Method Detail

      • getFirstEntity

        public String getFirstEntity()
      • getSecondEntity

        public String getSecondEntity()
      • getFirstField

        public String getFirstField()
      • getSecondField

        public String getSecondField()
      • getValue

        public Object getValue()
      • getInterFieldOperation

        public <L,​R,​T> EntityOperator<L,​R,​T> getInterFieldOperation()
      • getIntraFieldOperation

        public <L,​R,​T> EntityOperator<L,​R,​T> getIntraFieldOperation()
      • setFirstEntity

        public void setFirstEntity​(String firstEntity)
      • setSecondEntity

        public void setSecondEntity​(String secondEntity)
      • setFirstField

        public void setFirstField​(String firstField)
      • setSecondField

        public void setSecondField​(String secondField)
      • setInterFieldOperation

        public <L,​R,​T> void setInterFieldOperation​(EntityOperator<L,​R,​T> interFieldOperation)
      • setIntraFieldOperation

        public <L,​R,​T> void setIntraFieldOperation​(EntityOperator<L,​R,​T> intraFieldOperation)
      • getFirstModelEntity

        protected ModelEntity getFirstModelEntity()
      • getSecondModelEntity

        protected ModelEntity getSecondModelEntity()