Class DelegatorElement

  • @ThreadSafe
    public final class DelegatorElement
    extends java.lang.Object
    An object that models the <delegator> element.
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    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public java.lang.String getName()
        Returns the value of the name attribute.
      • getEntityModelReader

        public java.lang.String getEntityModelReader()
        Returns the value of the entity-model-reader attribute.
      • getEntityGroupReader

        public java.lang.String getEntityGroupReader()
        Returns the value of the entity-group-reader attribute.
      • getEntityEcaReader

        public java.lang.String getEntityEcaReader()
        Returns the value of the entity-eca-reader attribute.
      • getEntityEcaEnabled

        public boolean getEntityEcaEnabled()
        Returns the value of the entity-eca-enabled attribute.
      • getEntityEcaHandlerClassName

        public java.lang.String getEntityEcaHandlerClassName()
        Returns the value of the entity-eca-handler-class-name attribute.
      • getDistributedCacheClearEnabled

        public boolean getDistributedCacheClearEnabled()
        Returns the value of the distributed-cache-clear-enabled attribute.
      • getDistributedCacheClearClassName

        public java.lang.String getDistributedCacheClearClassName()
        Returns the value of the distributed-cache-clear-class-name attribute.
      • getDistributedCacheClearUserLoginId

        public java.lang.String getDistributedCacheClearUserLoginId()
        Returns the value of the distributed-cache-clear-user-login-id attribute.
      • getSequencedIdPrefix

        public java.lang.String getSequencedIdPrefix()
        Returns the value of the sequenced-id-prefix attribute.
      • getDefaultGroupName

        public java.lang.String getDefaultGroupName()
        Returns the value of the default-group-name attribute.
      • getKeyEncryptingKey

        public java.lang.String getKeyEncryptingKey()
        Returns the value of the key-encrypting-key attribute.
      • getGroupMapList

        public java.util.List<GroupMap> getGroupMapList()
        Returns the <group-map> child elements.
      • getGroupDataSource

        public java.lang.String getGroupDataSource​(java.lang.String groupName)
        Returns the specified <group-map> datasource-name attribute value, or null if the <group-map> element does not exist .