Class OFBizSolrLoginWorker

  • public class OFBizSolrLoginWorker
    extends LoginWorker
    OFBiz Solr Login Workers
    • Field Detail

      • module

        public static final java.lang.String module
    • Constructor Detail

      • OFBizSolrLoginWorker

        public OFBizSolrLoginWorker()
    • Method Detail

      • login

        public static java.lang.String login​(HttpServletRequest request,
                                             HttpServletResponse response)
        An HTTP WebEvent handler that logs in a userLogin. This should run before the security check.
        request - The HTTP request object for the current JSP or Servlet request.
        response - The HTTP response object for the current JSP or Servlet request.
        Return a boolean which specifies whether or not the calling Servlet or JSP should generate its own content. This allows an event to override the default content.