Class ComponentLoaderConfig


public final class ComponentLoaderConfig extends Object
This class is a MODULE for manipulating component loader files.

The component loader files are named component-load.xml and are present either in the classpath when defining the top-level component directories or inside those component directories when defining the loading order of the enabled simple components inside those directories. Simple components are directories containing a component configuration file named ofbiz-component.xml and mapped to a ComponentConfig object.

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    • getRootComponents

      public static List<ComponentLoaderConfig.ComponentDef> getRootComponents() throws ComponentException
      Provides the list of root directory components defined in the classpath.
      the list of root directory components.
      ComponentException - if the main component-load.xml file is either invalid or refer to non-existent component directory.
    • getComponentsFromConfig

      public static List<ComponentLoaderConfig.ComponentDef> getComponentsFromConfig(URL configUrl) throws ComponentException
      Collects the component definitions from a component-load.xml file
      configUrl - the location of the component-load.xml file
      a list of component definitions
      ComponentException - when the component-load.xml file is invalid.