Class UtilJavaParse


public final class UtilJavaParse extends Object
Java Source Parsing Utilities NOTE: the approach here is not the best and it may be better to use a parser, line one based on antlr, or using a Java Bytecode parser to look at .class files.
  • Method Details

    • findRealPathAndFileForClass

      public static String findRealPathAndFileForClass(String fullyQualifiedClassName)
    • findServiceMethodBlockStart

      public static int findServiceMethodBlockStart(String methodName, String javaFile)
    • findEndOfBlock

      public static int findEndOfBlock(int blockStart, String javaFile)
    • findServiceCallsInBlock

      public static Set<String> findServiceCallsInBlock(int blockStart, int blockEnd, String javaFile)
    • findEntityUseInBlock

      public static Set<String> findEntityUseInBlock(int blockStart, int blockEnd, String javaFile)
    • stripComments

      public static String stripComments(String javaFile)