Class RmiServiceContainer

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class RmiServiceContainer extends Object implements Container
RMI Service Engine Container / Dispatcher
  • Constructor Details

    • RmiServiceContainer

      public RmiServiceContainer()
  • Method Details

    • init

      public void init(List<StartupCommand> ofbizCommands, String name, String configFile)
      Description copied from interface: Container
      Initialize the container. This method must not block - implementations should initialize internal structures and then return.
      Specified by:
      init in interface Container
      ofbizCommands - Command-line arguments.
      name - Unique name of the container's instance.
      configFile - always null but used to be the location of the global container configuration file which does not exist anymore
    • start

      public boolean start() throws ContainerException
      Description copied from interface: Container
      Start the container process. This method must not block - implementations that require thread blocking must create a separate thread and then return.
      Specified by:
      start in interface Container
      true if the process started.
      ContainerException - If an error was encountered.
    • stop

      public void stop()
      Description copied from interface: Container
      Stop the container process. This method must not block.
      Specified by:
      stop in interface Container
    • getName

      public String getName()
      Description copied from interface: Container
      Return the container name.
      Specified by:
      getName in interface Container
      Name of the container's instance.