Class WorkEffortServices


public class WorkEffortServices extends Object
WorkEffortServices - WorkEffort related Services
  • Constructor Details

    • WorkEffortServices

      public WorkEffortServices()
  • Method Details

    • getWorkEffortAssignedEventsForRole

      public static Map<String,Object> getWorkEffortAssignedEventsForRole(DispatchContext ctx, Map<String,? extends Object> context)
    • getWorkEffortAssignedEventsForRoleOfAllParties

      public static Map<String,Object> getWorkEffortAssignedEventsForRoleOfAllParties(DispatchContext ctx, Map<String,? extends Object> context)
    • getWorkEffortAssignedTasks

      public static Map<String,Object> getWorkEffortAssignedTasks(DispatchContext ctx, Map<String,? extends Object> context)
    • getWorkEffortAssignedActivities

      public static Map<String,Object> getWorkEffortAssignedActivities(DispatchContext ctx, Map<String,? extends Object> context)
    • getWorkEffortAssignedActivitiesByRole

      public static Map<String,Object> getWorkEffortAssignedActivitiesByRole(DispatchContext ctx, Map<String,? extends Object> context)
    • getWorkEffortAssignedActivitiesByGroup

      public static Map<String,Object> getWorkEffortAssignedActivitiesByGroup(DispatchContext ctx, Map<String,? extends Object> context)
    • getWorkEffort

      public static Map<String,Object> getWorkEffort(DispatchContext ctx, Map<String,? extends Object> context)
    • getWorkEffortEventsByPeriod

      public static Map<String,Object> getWorkEffortEventsByPeriod(DispatchContext ctx, Map<String,? extends Object> context)
      Get Work Efforts by period.

      This method takes the following parameters:

      • start - TimeStamp (Period start date/time)
      • numPeriods - Integer
      • periodType - Integer (see java.util.Calendar)
      • eventStatus - String
      • partyId - String
      • partyIds - List
      • facilityId - String
      • fixedAssetId - String
      • filterOutCanceledEvents - Boolean
      • entityExprList - List

      The method will find all matching Work Effort events and return them as a List called periods - one List element per period. It also returns a maxConcurrentEntries Integer - which indicates the maximum number of Work Efforts found in one period.

      Each periods list element is a Map containing the following key/value pairs:

      • start - TimeStamp (Period start date/time)
      • end - TimeStamp (Period end date/time)
      • calendarEntries - List of Maps. Each Map contains the following key/value pairs
        • workEffort - GenericValue
        • periodSpan - Integer (Number of periods this Work Effort spans)
        • startOfPeriod - Boolean (true if this is the first occurrence in the period range)
    • getProductManufacturingSummaryByFacility

      public static Map<String,Object> getProductManufacturingSummaryByFacility(DispatchContext ctx, Map<String,? extends Object> context)
    • processWorkEffortEventReminders

      public static Map<String,Object> processWorkEffortEventReminders(DispatchContext ctx, Map<String,? extends Object> context)
      Process work effort event reminders. This service is used by the job scheduler.
      ctx - the dispatch context
      context - the context
      returns the result of the service execution
    • processWorkEffortEventReminder

      public static Map<String,Object> processWorkEffortEventReminder(DispatchContext dctx, Map<String,? extends Object> context)
    • removeDuplicateWorkEfforts

      public static Map<String,Object> removeDuplicateWorkEfforts(DispatchContext ctx, Map<String,? extends Object> context)