Class ClassAttributeModifier

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, IComponentAwareEventSink, IComponentAwareHeaderContributor, IClusterable

public abstract class ClassAttributeModifier extends AttributeAppender
An AttributeModifier specialized in managing the CSS class attribute
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    • newValue

      protected Serializable newValue(String currentValue, String appendValue)
      Description copied from class: AttributeModifier
      Gets the value that should replace the current attribute value. This gives users the ultimate means to customize what will be used as the attribute value. For instance, you might decide to append the replacement value to the current instead of just replacing it as is Wicket's default.
      newValue in class AttributeAppender
      currentValue - The current attribute value. This value might be null!
      appendValue - The replacement value. This value might be null!
      The value that should replace the current attribute value
    • update

      protected abstract Set<String> update(Set<String> oldClasses)
      Callback to update the CSS class values for a tag.
      oldClasses - A set with the old class values
      A set with the new class values