All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Iterable<Component>, IEventSink, IEventSource, IFeedbackContributor, IConverterLocator, IMetadataContext<Serializable,Component>, IQueueRegion, IHeaderContributor, IRequestableComponent, IHierarchical<Component>, IClusterable

A Wicket panel component to draw and maintain a complete page navigator, meant to be easily added to any PageableListView. A navigation which contains links to the first and last page, the current page +- some increment and which supports paged navigation bars (@see PageableListViewNavigationWithMargin).

NOTE To use the AjaxPagingNavigator, you have to put your ListView in a WebMarkupContainer, otherwise it is not possible to update the contents of the listview using Ajax.

Martijn Dashorst
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