Class ResourceStreamLocator

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public class ResourceStreamLocator extends Object implements IResourceStreamLocator
Locates Wicket resources.

Contains the logic to locate a resource based on a path, a variation, a style (see Session), a locale and an extension string. The full filename will be built like: <path>_<variation>_<style>_<locale>.<extension>.

Resource matches will be attempted in the following order:

  1. <path>_<variation>_<style>_<locale>.<extension>
  2. <path>_<style>_<locale>.<extension>
  3. <path>_<locale>.<extension>
  4. <path>_<style>.<extension>
  5. <path>.<extension>

Locales may contain a language, a country and a region or variant. Combinations of these components will be attempted in the following order:

  1. locale.toString() see javadoc for Locale for more details
  2. <language>_<country>
  3. <language>

Resources will be actually loaded by the IResourceFinders defined in the resource settings. By default there are finders that look in the classpath and in the classpath in META-INF/resources. You can add more by adding WebApplicationPaths or Paths to ResourceSettings.getResourceFinders().

Juergen Donnerstag, Jonathan Locke