Uses of Interface

Packages that use IEventSink
The core Wicket package.
Classes that make debugging Wicket HTML applications easier.
Package for working with bread crumb components.
This package contains a panel based implementation of bread crumb participants.
Basic extensions.
Package for exporting data tables.
Package for working with tab panels.
Package for working with Wizard components.
Classes related to showing user feedback, generally as the result of form submission and/or validation.
Base package of HTML markup.
Basic HTML components.
Border components.
HTML Forms and form components.
Support for upload forms (using multipart requests).
Support for form validation.
Image components.
Components for including content from non-Wicket sources.
Link components.
List components for tabular data and such.
Default special purpose pages for error and feedback support.
Panel components.
Resolvers implement the IComponentResolver interface and must be registered with the application.
Transformers are able to post-process (transform) the output generated by a Component.
HTTP implementation.
A package with utility classes to ease unit testing of Wicket applications without the need for a servlet container.