Class MergedMarkup

All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<MarkupElement>, IMarkupFragment

public class MergedMarkup extends Markup
A Markup class which represents merged markup, as it is required for markup inheritance.

The Markups are merged at load time. Deep markup hierarchies are supported. Multiple inheritance is not.

The markup resource file, which is associated with the markup, will be the resource of the requested markup file. The base markup resources are not.

Base Markup must have a <wicket:child/> tag at the position where the derived markup should be inserted. From the derived markup all tags in between <wicket:extend> and </wicket:extend> will be inserted.

In addition, all <wicket:head> regions are copied as well. This allows to develop completely self-contained plug & play components including javascript etc.

Juergen Donnerstag
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    • MergedMarkup

      public MergedMarkup(Markup markup, Markup baseMarkup, int extendIndex)
      Merge inherited and base markup.
      markup - The inherited markup
      baseMarkup - The base markup
      extendIndex - Index where <wicket:extend> has been found
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