Class HeaderResponseContainer

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Iterable<Component>, IEventSink, IEventSource, IFeedbackContributor, IConverterLocator, IMetadataContext<Serializable,Component>, IHeaderContributor, IRequestableComponent, IHierarchical<Component>, IClusterable

A container that renders the content that was bucketed into a certain bucket by FilteringHeaderResponse. Note that this container renders only its body by default.
Jeremy Thomerson
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  • Constructor Details

    • HeaderResponseContainer

      public HeaderResponseContainer(String id, String filterName)
      id - the wicket id for this container
      filterName - the name of the filter that is bucketing stuff to be rendered in this container
  • Method Details

    • onComponentTag

      protected void onComponentTag(ComponentTag tag)
      Description copied from class: Component
      Processes the component tag. Overrides of this method most likely should call the super implementation.
      onComponentTag in class Component
      tag - Tag to modify
    • onComponentTagBody

      public void onComponentTagBody(MarkupStream markupStream, ComponentTag openTag)
      Description copied from class: MarkupContainer
      Handle the container's body. If your override of this method does not advance the markup stream to the close tag for the openTag, a runtime exception will be thrown by the framework.
      onComponentTagBody in class MarkupContainer
      markupStream - The markup stream
      openTag - The open tag for the body