All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Iterable<Component>, IEventSink, IEventSource, IFeedbackContributor, IConverterLocator, IMetadataContext<Serializable,Component>, IHeaderContributor, IRequestableComponent, IHierarchical<Component>, IClusterable
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class Loop extends AbstractRepeater
A very simple loop component whose model is an Integer defining the number of iterations the loop should render. During rendering, Loop iterates from 0 to getIterations() - 1, creating a new MarkupContainer for each iteration. The MarkupContainer is populated by the Loop subclass by implementing the abstract method populate(LoopItem). The populate() method is called just before the LoopItem container is rendered.
Juergen Donnerstag, Eelco Hillenius, Jonathan Locke
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