Interface IHeaderRenderStrategy

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractHeaderRenderStrategy, ChildFirstHeaderRenderStrategy, ParentFirstHeaderRenderStrategy

public interface IHeaderRenderStrategy
Allows for different header render strategies. The difference per strategy will be order in which components are asked to add to the markup header section. Before 1.5 it was page->container->child. Since 1.5 it has been changed to child->container->parent (see WICKET-2693)
Juergen Donnerstag
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    • renderHeader

      void renderHeader(HtmlHeaderContainer headerContainer, HtmlHeaderContainer.HeaderStreamState headerStreamState, Component component)
      Implements the render strategy
      headerContainer - The HeaderContainer associated to the response
      headerStreamState - the header section of the page, when null, this section will not be rendered
      component - The root component (e.g. Page) to start the render process