Interface IPageManager

All Known Implementing Classes:
MockPageManager, PageManager

public interface IPageManager
A manager of pages - facade between Pages and IPageStores they are stored in.
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  • Method Details

    • supportsVersioning

      Is versioning of pages supported, see IPageStore.supportsVersioning().
      true if versioning is supported
    • getPage

      IManageablePage getPage(int pageId)
      Get a page
      pageId - id of page
      page, may be null
    • removePage

      Remove a page
      page - page to remove
    • touchPage

      Add a page.
      page - page to add
    • untouchPage

      Marks page as non-changed. Could be used in Ajax requests to avoid storing the page if no changes have happened.
      page - the page that should not be stored in the page stores at the end of the request.
    • clear

      void clear()
      Clear all pages.
    • end

      default void end()
      End the request.
    • detach

      void detach()
      Detach at end of request.
    • destroy

      void destroy()
      Destroy when application is destroyed.
    • getPageStore

      Get the storage of pages, optional.
      store or null