Interface IRequestablePage

All Superinterfaces:
IClusterable, IManageablePage, IRequestableComponent, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractErrorPage, AccessDeniedPage, BaseWicketTester.StartComponentInPage, BrowserInfoPage, DevUtilsPage, DummyHomePage, DummyPanelPage, ExceptionErrorPage, GenericWebPage, InspectorPage, InternalErrorPage, LiveSessionsPage, MockHomePage, Page, PageExpiredErrorPage, PageStorePage, PopupCloseLink.ClosePopupPage, RedirectPage, RequestsPage, SignInPage, SignOutPage, WebPage

Base interface for pages. The purpose of this interface is to make certain parts of Wicket easier to mock and unit test.
Matej Knopp, Igor Vaynberg (ivaynberg)
  • Method Details

    • renderPage

      void renderPage()
      Renders the page
    • isBookmarkable

      boolean isBookmarkable()
      Bookmarkable page can be instantiated using a bookmarkable URL.
      Returns true if the page is bookmarkable.
    • getRenderCount

      Returns the number of times this page has been rendered. The number will be appended to request listener links in order to prevent invoking listeners from staled page version.

      For example, the same page might have been rendered in two separate tabs. Page render doesn't change page id, but it can modify component hierarchy. Request listeners on such page should only work in tab where the page was rendered most recently.

      render count
    • wasCreatedBookmarkable

      Returns whether the page instance was created by a bookmarkable URL. Non mounted pages have to be created using bookmarkable URL in order to have hybrid URLs later. Otherwise it would be a potential security risk.
      true if this page has been created by a bookmarkable URL, false otherwise.
    • getPageParameters

      Returns the PageParameters for the page. Each bookmarkable page instance should have PageParameters associated with it. The page parameters are initialized from URL when page is created and are updated on every page render request.
      page parameters or null