Class RenderPerformanceListener

All Implemented Interfaces:

A listener that adds a special Behavior that measures the time needed by a component to render itself. MarkupContainer's render includes the time for rendering its children so the time accumulates.

To enable this listener use the following in YourApplication.init():

 getComponentInstantiationListeners().add(new RenderPerformanceListener());

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    • onInstantiation

      public void onInstantiation(Component component)
      Description copied from interface: IComponentInstantiationListener
      Called for every component that is instantiated. This method is called during construction, so do not depend on the construction being completed yet. The id is guaranteed to be set before this call.
      Specified by:
      onInstantiation in interface IComponentInstantiationListener
      component - the component that is being instantiated.
    • accepts

      protected boolean accepts(Component component)
      Filters which components' render performance should be measured.
      component - the component that is instantiated
      true if render time should be measured the for this component, false - otherwise