Package org.apache.wicket.util.file

package org.apache.wicket.util.file

File utilities.

  • Class
    Simple extension of File that adds an implementation of IModifiable for files.
    Default implementation of IFileCleaner that uses Apache commons-io FileCleaningTracker to track and clean the temporary created files.
    Adapts IFileCleaner to FileCleaningTracker
    File utility methods.
    This folder subclass provides some type safety and extensibility for "files" that hold other files.
    Filter for files
    Filter for folders
    A FileDeleteStrategy that can delete folders.
    Keeps track of files awaiting deletion, and deletes them when an associated marker object is reclaimed by the garbage collector.
    Knows how to find resources.
    An IResourceFinder that looks for its resources in a filesystem path.
    A utility class providing helper methods in dealing with web.xml