Class DefaultMarkupIdGenerator

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    public class DefaultMarkupIdGenerator
    extends Object
    implements IMarkupIdGenerator
    An implementation of IMarkupIdGenerator that uses the Session to generate sequence numbers for the component markup ids. As a prefix for the generated markup id in development mode it uses the component id and in production mode the string id.
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      • generateMarkupId

        public String generateMarkupId​(Component component,
                                       boolean createIfDoesNotExist)
        Description copied from interface: IMarkupIdGenerator
        Generates markup id for the given component
        Specified by:
        generateMarkupId in interface IMarkupIdGenerator
        component - The component for which to generate a markup id
        createIfDoesNotExist - When there is no existing markup id, determines whether it should be generated or whether null should be returned.
        The generated markup id