Class NoOpAuthenticationStrategy

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      • load

        public String[] load()
        Description copied from interface: IAuthenticationStrategy
        If "rememberMe" is enabled, then load the saved credentials (e.g. username and password) from the persistence storage (e.g. Cookie) for automatic sign in. This is useful for applications which users typically have open the whole day but where the server invalidates the session after a timeout and you want to force the user to sign in again and again during the day.
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        load in interface IAuthenticationStrategy
        The saved credentials
      • save

        public void save​(String credential,
                         String... extraCredentials)
        Description copied from interface: IAuthenticationStrategy
        If "rememberMe" is enabled and login was successful, then store the given credentials in the persistence store (e.g. Cookie).

        The implementation of this method should be symmetrical with the implementation of IAuthenticationStrategy.load().

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        save in interface IAuthenticationStrategy
        credential - The credential to store. For example: a security token or username.
        extraCredentials - Optional extra credentials. For example: a password