Package org.apache.wicket.bean.validation

This package integrates bean validation framework into Wicket.

The integration is configured using BeanValidationConfiguration. Usually this is done in Application's init method. Once the configuration is intialized and customized, the final step is to call configure passing in the application instance to be configured.

The configuration can be customized using the following integration points:

  • IPropertyResolver - used to automatically figure out which property is being validated given the form component instance. By default all components using an IPropertyReflectionAwareModel are supported.
  • IViolationTranslator - converts bean validation constraint violations to Wicket validation errors that are reported on form components when validation fails.
  • ITagModifier - An object that can modify the form component's markup tag. Can be used to add html attributes to tags based on constaint annotations.
  • Provider<Validator> - used as a factory for the main Validator object instance that will be used to perform the validation

Once the application is configured form components can be validated by adding a PropertyValidator.