Class RequestSettingRequestHandler

    • Constructor Detail

      • RequestSettingRequestHandler

        public RequestSettingRequestHandler​(Request request,
                                            IRequestHandler delegate)
        Creates a new instance
        request - The request to use when responding
        delegate - The request handler to delegate responding to
    • Method Detail

      • getRequest

        public Request getRequest()
        Returns the request that will be set before responding.
        the request that will be set before responding.
      • detach

        public void detach​(IRequestCycle requestCycle)
        Description copied from interface: IRequestHandler
        This method is called at the end of a request cycle to indicate that processing is done and that cleaning up of the subject(s) of this target may be done.
        Specified by:
        detach in interface IRequestHandler
        requestCycle - the current request cycle