Class PropertyResolver

  • public final class PropertyResolver
    extends Object
    This class parses expressions to lookup or set a value on the object that is given.
    The supported expressions are:
    This could be a bean property with getter and setter. Or if a map is given as an object it will be lookup with the expression as a key when there is not getter for that property.
    Both properties are looked up as described above. If property1 evaluates to null then if there is a setter (or if it is a map) and the Class of the property has a default constructor then the object will be constructed and set on the object.
    The corresponding method is invoked.
    "property.index" or "property[index]"
    If the property is a List or Array then the following expression can be a index on that list like: 'mylist.0'. The list will grow automatically if the index is greater than the size.

    This expression will also map on indexed properties, i.e. getProperty(index) and setProperty(index,value) methods.

    "property.key" or "property[key]"
    If the property is a Map then the following expression can be a key in that map like: 'myMap.key'.
    Note that the PropertyResolver.DefaultPropertyLocator by default provides access to private members and methods. If guaranteeing encapsulation of the target objects is a big concern, you should consider using an alternative implementation.

    Note: If a property evaluates to an instance of IModel then the expression should use '.object' to work with its value.

    jcompagner, svenmeier
    • Method Detail

      • getValue

        public static Object getValue​(String expression,
                                      Object object)
        Looks up the value from the object with the given expression. If the expression, the object itself or one property evaluates to null then a null will be returned.
        expression - The expression string with the property to be lookup.
        object - The object which is evaluated.
        The value that is evaluated. Null something in the expression evaluated to null.
      • setValue

        public static void setValue​(String expression,
                                    Object object,
                                    Object value,
                                    PropertyResolverConverter converter)
        Set the value on the object with the given expression. If the expression can't be evaluated then a WicketRuntimeException will be thrown. If a null object is encountered then it will try to generate it by calling the default constructor and set it on the object. The value will be tried to convert to the right type with the given converter.
        expression - The expression string with the property to be set.
        object - The object which is evaluated to set the value on.
        value - The value to set.
        converter - The converter to convert the value if needed to the right type.
      • getPropertyClass

        public static <T> Class<T> getPropertyClass​(String expression,
                                                    Class<?> clz)
        Type Parameters:
        T -
        expression -
        clz -
        class of the target Class property expression
        WicketRuntimeException - if class cannot be resolved
      • destroy

        public static void destroy​(Application application)
        Clean up cache for this app.
        application -