Class PropertyVariableInterpolator

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    Serializable, IClusterable
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    public class PropertyVariableInterpolator
    extends VariableInterpolator
    Interpolates values into Strings that are produced by interpreting property expressions against an object.

    Takes a string such as "My name is ${name}" and a bean such as a Person , and reflects on the object using any property expressions found inside ${} markers in the String. In this case, if the Person model has a getName() method. The results of calling that method would be substituted for ${name}. If getName() returned "Jonathan", then the result would return "My name is Jonathan".

    "$" is the escape char. Thus "$${text}" can be used to escape it (ignore interpretation). If '$3.24' is needed then '$$${amount}' should be used. The first $ sign escapes the second, and the third is used to interpolate the variable.

    Jonathan Locke
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    • Constructor Detail

      • PropertyVariableInterpolator

        public PropertyVariableInterpolator​(String string,
                                            Object object)
        string - a String to interpolate into
        object - the model to apply property expressions to