Class AjaxIndicatorAppender

    • Method Detail

      • renderHead

        public void renderHead​(Component component,
                               IHeaderResponse response)
        Description copied from class: Behavior
        Render to the web response whatever the component wants to contribute to the head section.
        Specified by:
        renderHead in interface IComponentAwareHeaderContributor
        renderHead in class Behavior
        component - component which is contributing to the response. This parameter is here to give the component as the context for component-awares implementing this interface
        response - Response object
      • afterRender

        public void afterRender​(Component component)
        Description copied from class: Behavior
        Called when a component that has this behavior coupled was rendered.
        afterRender in class Behavior
        component - the component that has this behavior coupled
      • getSpanClass

        protected String getSpanClass()
        css class name of the generated outer span
      • getMarkupId

        public String getMarkupId()
        Returns the markup id attribute of the outer most span of this indicator. This is the id of the span that should be hidden or show to hide or show the indicator.
        markup id of outer most span
      • bind

        public final void bind​(Component component)
        Description copied from class: Behavior
        Bind this handler to the given component. This method is called by the host component immediately after this behavior is added to it. This method is useful if you need to do initialization based on the component it is attached and you can't wait to do it at render time. Keep in mind that if you decide to keep a reference to the host component, it is not thread safe anymore, and should thus only be used in situations where you do not reuse the behavior for multiple components.
        bind in class Behavior
        component - the component to bind to