Interface IBreadCrumbModel

  • All Superinterfaces:
    IClusterable, Serializable
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    BreadCrumbBar, DefaultBreadCrumbsModel

    public interface IBreadCrumbModel
    extends IClusterable
    Bread crumbs provide a means to track certain history of client actions. Bread crumbs are typically rendered as a list of links, and are useful when users 'dig deeper' into the site structure so that they can find their way back again and have a notion of where they currently are.

    Bread crumbs in the original sense just represent where people are in a site hierarchy. For example, when browsing a product site, bread crumbs could look like this:

              Home > Products & Solutions > Hardware > Desktop Systems
              World > Europe > The Netherlands > Utrecht
    These items would be rendered as links to the corresponding site location.

    Classes that implement this interface are responsible for managing such a bread crumb structure. A typical implementation regards bread crumbs as a stack. When a bread crumb is activated that was not in the stack yet, it would add it to the stack, or when a bread crumb is activated that is already on the stack, it would roll back to the corresponding depth.

    This model does not make any presumptions on how it should interact with components. Just that there is a list of bread crumb participants, and the notion of a currently active bread crumb participant.

    A bread crumb participant is not an actual bread crumb, but rather a proxy to components that represent a certain location relative to other bread crumbs in this model, and a means to get the bread crumb title, which is typically rendered as a link label of the actual bread crumb. The actual bread crumbs are supposed to be rendered by a component that works together with this model. I choose this model as this would suit what I think is one of the nicest patterns: bread crumb aware panels.

    Eelco Hillenius