Class FileUpload

  • public class FileUpload
    extends Object
    Model for file uploads. Objects of this class should not be kept between requests, and should therefore be marked as transient if they become a property of an IModel.
    Jonathan Locke
    • Constructor Detail

      • FileUpload

        public FileUpload​(org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileItem item)
        item - The uploaded file item
    • Method Detail

      • closeStreams

        public final void closeStreams()
        Close the streams which has been opened when getting the InputStream using getInputStream(). All the input streams are closed at the end of the request. This is done when the FileUploadField, which is associated with this FileUpload is detached.

        If an exception is thrown when closing the input streams, we ignore it, because the stream might have been closed already.

      • delete

        public void delete()
        Deletes temp file from disk
      • getBytes

        public byte[] getBytes()
        Uploaded file as an array of bytes
      • getDigest

        public byte[] getDigest​(String algorithm)
        Get the MD5 checksum.
        algorithm - the digest algorithm, e.g. MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512
        The cryptographic digest of the file
      • getMD5

        public byte[] getMD5()
        Get the MD5 checksum.
        The MD5 checksum of the file
      • getInputStream

        public InputStream getInputStream()
                                   throws IOException
        Get an input stream for the file uploaded. Use this input stream if you can't use writeTo(File) for persisting the uploaded file. This can be if you need to react upon the content of the file or need to persist it elsewhere, i.e. a database or external filesystem.

        PLEASE NOTE!
        The InputStream return will be closed be Wicket at the end of the request. If you need it across a request you need to hold on to this FileUpload instead.

        Input stream with file contents.
      • getSize

        public long getSize()
        The upload's size
      • writeTo

        public void writeTo​(File file)
                     throws Exception
        Saves this file upload to a given file on the server side.
        file - The file