Class EnclosureHandler

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, IMarkupFilter, IComponentResolver, IClusterable

    public final class EnclosureHandler
    extends AbstractMarkupFilter
    implements IComponentResolver
    This is a markup inline filter. It identifies <wicket:enclosure> tags. If the 'child' attribute is empty it determines the wicket:id of the child component automatically by analyzing the wicket component (in this case on one wicket component is allowed) in between the open and close tags. If the enclosure tag has a 'child' attribute like <wicket:enclosure child="xxx"> than more than just one wicket component inside the enclosure tags are allowed and the child component which determines the visibility of the enclosure is identified by the 'child' attribute value which must be equal to the relative child id path.
    Juergen Donnerstag
    See Also:
    Enclosure, Serialized Form