Class HtmlProblemFinder

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    public final class HtmlProblemFinder
    extends AbstractMarkupFilter
    This is a markup inline filter which by default is not added to the list of markup filter. It can be added by means of subclassing Application.newMarkupParser() like
     Application#init() {
       getMarkupSettings().setMarkupParserFactory() {
          new MarkupParserFactory() {
            MarkupParser newMarkupParser(final MarkupResourceStream resource) {
                      MarkupParser parser=super.newMarkupParser(resource);
                parser.appendMarkupFilter(new HtmlProblemFinder(HtmlProblemFinder.ERR_THROW_EXCEPTION));
                return parser;
    The purpose of the filter is to find possible HTML issues and to log a warning.
    Juergen Donnerstag