Class WicketMessageTagHandler

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, IMarkupFilter, IComponentResolver, IClusterable

    public final class WicketMessageTagHandler
    extends AbstractMarkupFilter
    implements IComponentResolver
    This is a markup inline filter and a component resolver. It identifies wicket:message attributes and adds an attribute modifier to the component tag that can localize wicket:message="attr-name:i18n-key,attr-name-2:i18n-key-2,..." expressions, replacing values of attributes specified by attr-name with a localizer lookup with key i18n-key. If an attribute being localized has a set value that value will be used as the default value for the localization lookup. This handler also resolves and localizes raw markup with wicket:message attribute.
    Juergen Donnerstag, Igor Vaynberg
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