Class AbstractRepeater

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      • renderIterator

        protected abstract Iterator<? extends ComponentrenderIterator()
        Returns an iterator for the collection of child components to be rendered. Users can override this to change order of rendered children.
        iterator over child components to be rendered
      • renderChild

        protected void renderChild​(Component child)
        Render a single child. This method can be overridden to modify how a single child component is rendered.
        child - Child component to be rendered
      • onBeforeRender

        protected void onBeforeRender()
        Description copied from class: Component
        Called on all visible components before any component is rendered.

        NOTE: If you override this, you *must* call super.onBeforeRender() within your implementation. Because this method is responsible for cascading Component.onBeforeRender() call to its children it is strongly recommended that super call is made at the end of the override.

        Changes to the component tree can be made only before calling super.onBeforeRender().
        onBeforeRender in class Component
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      • onPopulate

        protected abstract void onPopulate()
        Callback to let the repeater know it should populate itself with its items.
      • dequeue

        public void dequeue​(DequeueContext dequeue)
        Description copied from class: MarkupContainer
        Dequeues components. The default implementation iterates direct children of this container found in its markup and tries to find matching components in queues filled by a call to MarkupContainer.queue(Component...). It then delegates the dequeueing to these children. Certain components that implement custom markup behaviors (such as repeaters and borders) override this method to bring dequeueing in line with their custom markup handling.
        dequeue in class MarkupContainer
        dequeue - the dequeue context to use